4 November 2023
1 pm - Wilhelmplatz

Why a big demonstration in November?

November is a month steeped in history. Not only because the inner-German Wall fell in November 1989. Kiel also made history in November. The November Revolution in 1918 started in Kiel. We are taking this as an opportunity to set an example once again in a November – in November 2023!

Come to Kiel, everyone!

He who has, has… Come with yellow vests and lights!
Let’s bathe Kiel’s streets in bright yellow!

Make all our protest visible !!!

Join in. Come to Kiel and let’s take to the streets in all cities and towns from 4 to 12 November 2023 on the same issues. Let’s start something big together so that the bad finally comes to an end. Together we are strong, with each other and for each other.

The Great Mutiny - Kiel 2023, 4 November 2023

Kiel Wil­helm­platz

  • 13.00 Start with opening rally
  • Procession through the city with rally in between
  • End with final rally

The Yellow Vests in Kiel invite you to a large demonstration and rally:

  • great speakers and Musicians 
  • Procession through the city


Met de auto, bus of trein:

We recommend travelling by bus and/or train. The two largest car parks in Kiel city centre (Wilhelmplatz, Exerzierplatz) will not be available on 4 November.

Overview of parking spaces and multi-storey car parks:

» Parking in the city centre | » Parking for buses & motorhomes

What was going on in 1918 ???

The Kiel sailors’ uprising continued throughout the country in early November 1918 and led, among other things, to the end of the monarchy. We are picking up where this uprising left off.

Our depictions of the events of 1918 on this website are heavily abridged and therefore may not be historically accurate in all details. It is important to us to convey that the courage of a handful of people can be worthwhile in order to achieve great things.

The current policy must come to an end!

That’s why we take to the streets as non-partisan people. We are making it known that a limit has been reached. We don’t put up with everything!

Peacefully, with each other and for each other! – May a great impulse once again emanate from Kiel!

You can find this video on YouTube in the channel Thorben’s Nord-Report and on Telegram at

The Great Mutiny 2023

We are walking – also at the beginning of November – partly the same routes as the sailors in 1918. We stop for rallies and actions at points that also existed back then.

We adapt the 14 demands of the sailors, soldiers and workers of that time to the current situation.

This demo is going to be something big!

There will be thousands of people on the streets. The protest is expected to continue nationwide.

In view of the looming WHO pandemic treaty and the new WHO international health regulations, we are striving to be heard across borders in the EU as well.

You too can be part of it!
Together for change – peaceful and determined!

You can find this video on YouTube in the channel Fernglas Media and on Telegram at

14 Demands


No censorship and surveillance on the internet. An end to the political persecution of dissidents.

No whistleblower protection law with mind snooping. No reading of private messages on our terminals. No censorship in the social media. Away with hate and incitement. No restrictions on freedom of expression.


Protect small and medium-sized enterprises and jobs.

Small and medium-sized enterprises go bankrupt, the big ones migrate. Farmers are ruined. Our regional supply is collapsing.

We don't want that!


Separation of state and media

The fact that the media and the press are no longer doing their job because they are being bribed with money from politics and are all just writing off each other is not acceptable!


A policy for the people. No restriction of fundamental and human rights.

Do you know the applicable fundamental and human rights? Check for yourself whether they are already being restricted. Take a look at them::

» Universal Declaration of Human Rights


No arms deliveries to crisis and war zones. A foreign policy of reconciliation and diplomacy.

Germany supplies weapons, tanks etc. to Ukraine, among others. Pacifism is dead.

Meanwhile, enough has died on both sides, in Ukraine as well as in Russia.


No deployment of multinational units (e.g. EuroGENDFOR) in Germany.

Haben wir nicht ein eigenes Rechtsstaatssystem?

Was hat z.B. die US-Militärpolizei aktuell am Nürnberger Bahnhof zu suchen? Wieso haben sie Befugnisse bei uns?


A health system for the benefit of the people.

A reform of the health system for the benefit of patients. Outpatient care must also be preserved in the process.


Turning away from the planned (climate) forced renovations and the ideology-driven climate delusion.

As a waste product of photosynthesis, CO2 produces the oxygen we need to live. Methane is many times more harmful.

Question: Why is climate protection located at the Ministry of Economics and not at the Ministry of Environmental Protection?


Personal freedom and self-determination for all people.

Preserving fundamental rights and self-determination, because we don't want to be told what to eat and how to live.


Lifting the immunity of politicians.

Disclosure of conflicts of interest of politicians. Full transparency of sources of income. Impeachment and conviction of perjured, criminal and corrupt politicians.


Preservation of cash and an obligation to accept cash in shops.

The European Central Bank's digital money makes it possible to issue negative interest rates and destroy the access to one's own money.

We don't want that!


All political decisions are to be taken only with the consent of the citizens. Referendums at all political levels.

We do not want the "heating exchange law", nor any other woke ideas without the citizens of this country being consulted.


Impunity and full rehabilitation for all people who were and are persecuted during the Corona period and afterwards.

Hate, agitation and denigration have taken on unimagined proportions in the Corona period, reminiscent of another difficult time in our country. This must be stopped and dealt with.


Withdrawal from the WHO pandemic treaty, no IHR, no UN emergency programme.

WHO and the UN are currently planning a world dictatorship in the health sector. Human rights and human dignity have been abolished. Our federal government has agreed on 12 May 2023.

Who are the Kiel Yellow Vests?

We are just ordinary citizens. We are not a party, an organisation or a club.

We demonstrate with and for each other independently of parties and in no way want to abolish democracy. But we expect the federal government to do a good job.

We call on the federal government to live up to its mandate given by the citizens and not to act against the voters of this country!

You can find out more about us at

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